Coffee Table Set

BOO dinning tables are all made from Masonia or Mahogany hardwoods. The dimension varies from the round tables for 6 of dimension L = 200cm, B=120cm with six partly upholstered fabric chairs surrounds; square table for 8 of dimensions L=244cm, B=105cm with eight partly upholstered fabric chairs and the racetrack for 8 dimensions L=240cm, B=100cm with partly upholstered fabric chairs.




Founded in 1962, Bob Oshodin Organization Limited (BOO Ltd) Nigeria, has become one of the premier manufacturers, distributors and exporters of fine home and office furnishings in the Nigeria.



Bob Oshodin Organization Ltd.
Km 7, Benin Sapele Road,
P.O.Box 712,
Benin City



We craft exotic and elegant wooden furniture, fittings accessories, exclusive decorations for commercial centres, private and residential housing, sports and recreational facilities around the globe.